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New Monocoque GRP Doors

New Monocoque GRP Doors

How the new Monocoque GRP door can benefit your home

  • Double rebated as standard – giving you a double seal, as opposed to a 44mm single rebate door that would only have a single seal against the weather
  • U Value .85 for a solid door
  • U Value .98 for a glazed door – probably the only door in the UK that would be A Rated throughout the full range!
  • All doors are Renolite foil finish so they match the frame perfectly – most GRP doors have a white frame only.
  • Triple glazed units as standard with matching glass available for sidelights – most manufacturers do not have the matching sidelight glass available – this is an extremely high security door as opposed to being foam filled
  • Made up of 65mm reinforced fibreglass Monocoque structure
  • 4 hinges fitted as standard – most doors only have 3.
  • 8 point locking system – most manufacturers only use a 3-4 point locking system.

The composition of this door differs from all others in its monocoque structure, which gives it a massive strength to weight ratio. Apart from the monocoque design, there are a lot of other innovative features to this door. The hinge was designed exclusively for this door, so it is visually concealed, unlike the more commonly used flag hinge. Wood effect glazing beads are used, to give a superb seam-free finish.