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High Performance Windows

High Performance Windows

Save heat & reduce heating bills!

Our New High Performance Windows are now 94% more thermally efficient than traditional PVCu double glazing, A HUGE SAVING ON FUEL BILLS !!

AlphaPlus Home Improvements supply and install two PVCu profiles for their windows, doors and patio doors;

 5 chambered Koemmerling Gold, 70mm fully sculptured frames, fully steel reinforced ‘A’ Plus Energy Rated.

4 chambered Profile 22, 70mm fully sculptured frames with PVCu RCM reinforcing ‘A’ Energy Rated.

Your Guide to High Performance Energy Rated Window and Door Systems:

Replacing your old PVCu Double Glazed windows with AlphaPlus New High Performance PVCu Double Glazing will improve the thermal efficiency of your windows by 94%, but not all new double glazed windows are the same.

Our New High Performance windows are different. By combining advanced glass and frame technology they can cut a great deal of the heat lost from your home. Much of your home’s heat loss is through the windows, so with high fuel costs it makes sense to fit the most energy efficient double glazing you can afford. By choosing High Performance windows you can benefit from real savings on your fuel bill and reduce the impact on the World’s natural resources.

Merlin Meastro Symphony

How can you tell when a window is High Performance?

Only High Performance windows can display the Energy Efficiency Recommended logo so look for the familiar blue tag on literature and window samples. Choosing ‘green’ windows is made easy with an Energy Efficiency Rating label

New rainbow colour energy efficiency labels, similar to that displayed on domestic appliances, make it is easy to see how ‘green’ a window is. Alphaplus windows’ Koemmerling Gold High Performance Windows and Doors are tested by the BFRC to achieve a rating grade of ‘A’ Plus (grades are from G up to A and A Plus). The Koemmerling Gold system can still achieve an ‘A’ Plus rating with steel reinforcing, most systems have to reduce down to PVCu RCM reinforcing to achieve ‘A’ rating, not as strong or long lasting as a fully steel reinforced profile….

You can check the validity of the label on the British Fenestration Ratings Council website Our system is rated under the Merlin banner. Our Koemmerling Gold and Profile 22 Symphony High Performance windows are manufactured under strict quality controls to ensure compliance with the new energy ratings.